Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum ReviewIf you have ever used a corded vacuum cleaner, you agree with me that it can be very limiting. This is because you are limited to the length of the cord when using it. Dyson V8 absolute cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner is very efficient as it is cord free.

Although it is affordable, the device has unmatched suction power which ensures that you always achieve a perfectly clean surface. With a max power mode, the cleaner is able to clean even the toughest surfaces within a very short time.

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Review / 5 Major Features

1. Premium performance

Dyson V8 is undoubtedly a premium performer. The cleaner cleans carpets perfectly leaving sparking clean surface. It has powerful suction which ensures that all the debris are collected from the floor or carpet.

The smooth soft roller head ensures that the finer particles are collected too. With this elegant design, you do not have to keep brushing off hairs with a brush as it easily collects them.

The device superbly captures fine dust and has an ideal air flow, thanks to the 2Tier Radial Cyclones.

2. Cordless and lightweight

As the name evince, this stick vacuum cleaner is cord free. This allows you to drag it along anywhere without being restricted by the length of the cord.  The cordless design is ergonomic, featuring a very expedient docking.

The docking station handily holds the vacuum cleaner and charges it as well. Additionally the device easily converts to handheld. This makes it very appropriate and efficient to work with as you can reach even the most challenging hidden areas without a struggle.

The ergonomic design is designed with your comfort in mind. Everything about it aims at efficiency and minimizing fatigue. It is lightweight and versatile making it an ideal cleaner for home cleaning.

3. HEPA Filtration  and tested

The high quality construction is exceptionally safe, presenting High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) air filter. This air filter traps all dust and allergens ensuring that only very clean air is expelled.

The collection of standard parameters do not compromise its price whatsoever. it is affordable and has an excellent Price-Quality-Ratio.

The premium performer has been thoroughly tested and has been approved to satisfy the very demanding (American Society for Testing and Materials) ASTM standards. Needless to say, this is a mark of quality.

4. Hygienic and durable

The solid construction emits the dust from the bin in a single action. This makes the construction very safe as it is very hygienic.

Every inch of this cordless vacuum cleaner has been designed to serve you for a lifetime. It has a durable filter that only requires cleaning from time to time as it is washable.

The battery also comparatively lasts long and will truly not disappoint. To crown it all, the accurately dependable construction has a 2 year parts and labour warranty. This guarantees you quality and durability.

5. Power modes and auto off

Dyson V8 is designed for hard floors and other very harsh surfaces. It has two power modes which allows you to switch to the max power mode when the surface you are dealing with needs more suction power.

To protect the motor from getting damaged, the device has an auto off. This is a key feature as it ensures that the device goes off when the battery temperature is below 30C.

Exclusive to this design, is a very detailed manual that is delivered to you with the vacuum cleaner upon order. This makes it very easy to use. All the precautions and safety measures are also listed in the manual making it very essential.

Note: the battery life is reduced to 7 minutes when on the max power mode

Why should you use Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum?

1. Multiple modes

You will be able to use the V8 in a variety of ways, like the other Cyclone vacuums in Dyson’s line. When the shaft is attached, it can be used to clean the floor or to reach the walls or corners to remove debris.

2. Battery life

The Dyson V8 comes with a built-in battery. According to Dyson, it’ll offer up to 40 minutes of use in its “Powerful” mode, but if you use its motorized cleaner head, you’ll get 25 minutes of battery life. Again, that puts the Dyson V8 squarely in the middle of the pack: The Dyson V10 has 60 minutes of battery life and the V7 tops out at 30 minutes.

3. Cleaning heads

The V8 comes with a “Direct-Drive” cleaning head and, depending on the specific model you select, may also include the Fluffy cleaning head. The V8 comes with a “Direct-Drive” cleaning head and may include the Fluffy cleaning head depending on the specific model you select.

4. Durability

This unit is popular among many users. This is because of its strong built design. It is made using strong materials that can last for a long period of time. Purchasing the unit can offer you a chance of using it as you may want it.

5. Affordable

In addition to its strong built and durability, the unit is also affordable. Its price tag is absolutely phenomenal compared to what it offers. It sells at an affordable price while giving quality services as promised.

Product Benefits

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Improved battery life
  • Good suction
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Great value for your money
  • Offers quality services
  • Outstanding air filtration
  • Great tools for all jobs
  • Strong built and durable

The Negative Things

  • Nowhere to store attachments
  • Max mode only lasts under 10 minutes

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it have an attachment store?


  1. How large is the bin?


  1. Can you use the cord if you need?


  1. Can you use it for 220-240v?

Absolutely yes

  1. Does it have a HEPA filter?


Final Verdict

While all the vacuum cleaners are designed to make vacuum cleaning easier, not all the vacuum cleaners achieve this. As a matter of fact, some of the inefficient brands ends up making cleaning very tedious.

From the foregoing discussion however, this solid construction has been designed to make your work easier and to lessen fatigue.

Although it requires assembly, the whole task is very easy, thanks to the detailed instructions that accompany it. The vacuum cleaner is therefore one that is worth your hard earned money.